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Why would you need a professional recording studio for your voice overs? Anyone knows how to plug a mic into a computer and press ‘record’. But if you really knew what you are doing, you would know that it doesn’t make sense to record your own sales tutorial, audio book, radio commercial, radio play, dubbing a video clip or movie, or whatever other reason you might have to record a voice.

Recording voice overs is different from recording music and subsequently you need an engineer who is aware of this fact and knows the difference.

  • A voice over sound booth needs to be tight, soundproof and acoustically dead.

  • A voice over recording needs to match the intended listening environment.

  • A voice over engineer must pay close attention to little vocal anomalies like mouth clicks, paper noise, tongue smacks, sighing, loud breathing, etc.

  • Music engineers edit spacing to a beat, voice over engineers do this to a conversational timing.

  • Both recording and mastering are performed in a specific manner.


We have a long history of recording Voice Overs at Brinker Media. Just contact us if you wish to talk about possibilties and pricing.


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