Music mixing refers to the process of ‘mixing’ a multitrack recording down to one single stereo track. However, the mixing engineer does much more than just this.


Mixing is also about context, about how the various elements behave in relationship to each other, and how this effects the overall sound of your song.


Once the mix is done, your song is ready for the next phase.

The most important requirements for a good mix are musical skills, taste, and knowing how to serve a particular song. The engineer’s creative decisions and skilled ‘moves’ are essential to make your song shine and stand out to a broad audience.


Mixing is a point of no return, and of ‘letting go’, so you need to carefully choose - and trust - your mixing engineer.

The audio post production we offer contains all stages of production between the actual recording and the completion of a master recording. It may involve corrective equalization, audio restoring and/or editing, re-leveling (dynamic audio level compression, multi-band audio compression, audio limiting, etc.), widening the stereo spectre, the addition of effects, synchronizing audio with video, and so on.

Mastering is the phase of audio post production where recorded audio is transferred from a source containing the final mix to a data storage device, a/k/a the master. From the master all further copies and safety copies will be produced via pressing, duplication/replication and digital masters for download purposes. Needless to say, the mastering process covers numerous steps as described under audio post production.

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