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(quotes published with the artists' consent)

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“A pleasure to work with great guy Eric. Attentive, good ears, always comfortable to wrestle with new ideas. A lovely man to share a recording experience with. A friend.”

Blondie Chaplin (solo recording artist, The Flame(s), The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, Brian Wilson Band)

“On my first visit to Studio Brinker Media, I felt as if I were coming to a familiar, comfortable place and being welcomed by an old friend. Eric Van Den Brink is steeped in the influences and sonic language of the golden age of music, and uses his talents as a producer, arranger, and musician to create a uniquely modern style, always honoring the demands of the Song. He operates at a high level of integrity in his approach to music, and business ethics as well. I'm very pleased with our first collaboration and look forward to more. My only regret is that I had not discovered Eric and Studio Brinker Media earlier.”

David Bullock (singer-songwriter, recording artist, Space Opera, T-Bone Burnett)

“Love how Eric is strongly in touch with modern day music & technology, while at the same time leaning on decades of craftsmanship experience.”

Iason Chronis (Mason, DJ, songwriter, arranger, music producer)

“It is a pleasure to work with the quality organization that is Studio Brinker Media (Eric Van Den Brink) -- the attention to detail and nuance may be relied upon, and follow-through is exacting and timely.”

Probyn Gregory (Brian Wilson Band, Wondermints, The Beach Boys,
multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, arranger, music producer, recording artist)

Re.: Studio Brinker Media production of "Hope" with Stephen Kalinich (lyricist) and Duncan Maitland (additional musician/backing vocalist on the track)

“I loved working with Eric, through Probyn’s idea to introduce us, and never closed the door to more projects. I love the melody he created, it is very pleasant and inspiring to listen to the song. I'm thankful for a great collaboration. I would like to do more and I wish him well. Eric is a hard worker and very talented.”

Stephen Kalinich (poet, lyricist for Brian Wilson / Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys a.o., author, recording artist)

"....the track we worked on seemed to have synthesized a concentrated test tube full of all the most benevolent moods of the "SMiLE" album but have them magically reappear in a 22nd Century sound laboratory...a true combination of the warm and organic but beamed in from an only imagined future...of course, that is totally up my street and I was utterly delighted to have a hand in this magical musical cocktail...let's do it again!"

Duncan Maitland (singer-songwriter, music producer, recording artist)

“I have many friendships because of music, and my friendship with Eric developed because of our love of music. We listen to similar things, similar influences, and it eventually shows in the music that you’re writing. I listened to his album and love the music. I’ve realized that he puts his music together in a similar fashion as I do, being a singer-songwriter and for me the collaboration works well. Roll on the next one!”

Re.: Studio Brinker Media production of "Don't Know What To Say"

“Not my song but I totally get it. Eric Van Den Brink wrote the tune and Babette Van Veen wrote the words. This song could so easily have been a Pilot song. I love it all, the lyrics, the playing, the backing vocals and the production.”

David Paton (Pilot, Alan Parsons Project, Elton John, Kate Bush, solo recording artist)

Steve Boone

Re.: Studio Brinker Media production of "You Didn't Have To Be So Nice"

“Hey ... very cool, very swingin'! What a nice treatment ...
a little shaky on the chords, but no one under sixty will know!!
Great to see this tune recut ... many thanks!”

John Sebastian (The Lovin' Spoonful, solo recording artist, singer-songwriter)

“I have always said the Spoonful is a hard band to cover and this is not a cover but a beautiful version that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I hear it. Beautiful job!”

Steve Boone (The Lovin' Spoonful, singer-songwriter)


Re.: Studio Brinker Media production of "Lovin' You"

“Eric, I love it ! Sung and played great....even down to the Yanovsky references !! Yeah!”

John Sebastian (The Lovin' Spoonful, solo recording artist, singer-songwriter)

Re.: Studio Brinker Media production of "I'm Your Kingpin" by Nick Vernier Band

“I've listened to “I’m Your Kingpin” on the MySpace site, and it's really good. No exaggeration, it's been brought up-to-date extremely well; The Manfreds have been doing the song again lately, and we could have learned a new idea or two from the NVB version!”

Paul Jones (Manfred Mann, The Blues Band, The Manfreds, solo recording artist)

Re.: Studio Brinker Media productions

“I'm so pleased to hear that Paul Jones was on those tracks, our paths crossed a few times when I was with The Mindbenders in the 1960's, but I never really got to know him. "You're Wrong Again", sounds great, Paul sounds great vocally, and those harmonica solo's are brilliant.

I also like "Time Will Show the Wiser", it's very mysterious and quite John Lennoneeeee.”

Eric Stewart (10cc, musician, music producer, singer-songwriter, arranger, solo recording artist, author)

Re.: feedback to remixes of "The Sun Is Down!" by
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band

“Every day, I'm still learning something. Each time I learn, I go Wow! I'm glad to learn from this experience that in our Universe, in this planet of this decade, music is hot. Yes. All your works were so hot, I saw your music covering the Earth. Do it for fun. Do it for love. Keep on trucking!”

Yoko Ono (Plastic Ono Band, solo recording artist)

“I’ve always wanted to do a tribute to dad’s music (Doug Sahm, leader of the Sir Douglas Quintet, before that he was a steel guitar prodigy and played with Hank Williams Sr.). The ‘Sahm Covers Sahm’ sessions were recorded in Austin, in 2009 and then finally finished in 2019. I put it aside but knew it was special, because it was with Curt Kirkwood (Meat Puppets), my friend Eric Van Den Brink, West Side Horns and a bunch of my favorite musicians in Austin.

“She’s About A Mover” is featuring Eric. The song’s been done so much that I wasn’t even gonna put it on the album. But when I sang this with Eric, in his version, it was real low key, it’s got like a cool J.J. Cale thing to it. I’m way proud of how it turned out.”

Shandon Sahm (Pariah, Doug Sahm, Meat Puppets, solo recording artist)

Shandon Sahm

Re.: Studio Brinker Media production of "Working Class Hero" featuring Laura Van Eeden

“Really strong production! And the video is perfect. That's one long shot!!
She did it perfectly. Love all the reactions from the people she passes. And she sings it very much like John, the roughness and the vulnerable quality at the same time.”

David Kahne (music producer, remix engineer: Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, Stevie Nicks, Lana Del Rey, The Bangles, a.o.; musician, composer, arranger)

“Great voice-great arrangement-great a word..great!
oh yeah..great song.”

Bill Lloyd (musician, singer-songwriter, music producer)

“Brilliant!!! Really like everything about it….production, arrangement,
performance (great voice!!!), material and video!!! Congratulations!!!!”

Colin Blunstone (The Zombies, solo recording artist, singer-songwriter)

“Working with Eric has always been a very gratifying experience. His skills as a songwriter and producer are among the best I have encountered in all my years working in the music business.

I would especially like to highlight his ability to make vocal arrangements shine, he always manages to give it that extra sparkle.”

Rob Bolland
(music producer, author/composer of "Rock Me Amadeus", "In The Army Now", a.o.)

Carole King

Re.: Studio Brinker Media production of "I'm Into Something Good" (Instagram post)

Goffin & King song "I'm Into Something Good" in a 2020 version by Eric Van Den Brink,

recorded for The Goffin King Foundation”

#isobooth #gerrygoffin #caroleking #goffinandking #goffinkingsongs #gkfoundation #goffinkingfoundation #ericvandenbrink

Carole King

(singer-songwriter, recording artist)

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eric (Brinker Media) many times over the years, be it in the role of musician, engineer/producer, artwork designer, or advisor. He is a remarkable man of many talents, all of which are characterized by professionalism, dedication and precision and an uncanny ability to tune in. You feel like your work is in good hands and surrounded with respect, care and friendship. Needless to say this is a basic need for any artist putting his newly-born and vulnerable baby into the world and Eric knows this better than anyone.”

Ad Vanderveen (musician, singer-songwriter, recording artist)

“I knew that if I would ever record an album, it would be with Eric Van Den Brink. And now, after the fact, I know that I would never want to record an album without him. He is such a skilled and talented producer, with a unique sound and years of experience. Mixed with total dedication, passion and on top of that a beautiful personality. I am so grateful  to have had the chance to work with him and am looking forward to working with him in the future. Highly recommended!”

Mariam (musician, singer-songwriter, recording artist)


“Working with Eric is a joy along with with the music! Relaxed and always a down to earth feeling. He's real experienced and seasoned pro as musician, arranger and producer!”

Eddie Conard (musician, singer-songwriter, music producer, recording artist)

“Offering a commission to Eric at Brinker Media is always rewarded with excellent work and he is a trusted source of creativity. Any clients that I recommend his expertise to are always excited to have his ideas and the final result to go with. Eric is supremely easy to work with and has endless patience and experience: to ensure that his skill is enjoyed by clients that are confident right from the start.”

Matt Butler (music producer, recording & mixing engineer: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Jeff Lynne / ELO, Mick Jagger, Stevie Winwood, David Gilmore, Pink Floyd, Katie Melua, Al Jarreau, Dire Straits, a.o.; musician, composer)

“Our collaboration, of course, has been very fruitful. Also, the artwork and design for Massada’s ’25 Years’-DVD was accomplished to everyone’s satisfaction … thankx for that!”

Johnny Manuhutu (Massada, recording artist)

“If anyone is entitled to characterize Brinker Media

based on personal experience, it would be me.

The studio bears good vibrations,

great sound and a zen-like atmosphere,

which allow all aspired productional possibilities to be utilized.”

Tim Vermeulen (musician, composer, arranger, music producer)

“It's always a joy to work with Eric in his studio. His enthusiasm and his input, combined with his years of experience as a musician, elevates the end product to a higher level.”

Tim Treffers (singer-songwriter, recording artist)

IMG_5850 tt album 2 japan back.JPG

“Thanks to Eric Van Den Brink of Studio Brinker Media for producing Musicboat's "Ahoy"-CD. He invited all musicians in a perfect atmosphere and his craftsmanship has no bounderies”

Reinier Sijpkens (Musicboat, musician, entertainer)

Re.: Studio Brinker Media production of "You Didn't Have To Be So Nice"

“Eric and I go back a long time. He’s bookmarked in the left line-up of my favorite musical soulmates. When such a person develops into a successful engineer/producer, he scores bonus points in my book (being a sound engineer myself). When he invited me to drop by his recording studio, we didn't waste too much time being awe struck by all those ‘audio toys for boys', and before I knew it, I’d completed a vocal track. I left the studio in total trust, saying: "see what you can do with this..."
In no time, "You Didn't Have To Be So Nice" was born.
I still cherish the track ..... way to go man!”

Huib Elenbaas (audio engineer, musician, singer-songwriter)

“Recording sessions, editing sessions … you have your good days and your bad days. Eric never quits until the job is done!”

Rob Fabriek (producer of internet video campaigns, singer)

Re.: online session for Scott Brookman project

“Eric is a great collaborator. He is one of several musicians I asked to work on one section of a long composition, each writing their own parts, performing and recording them alongside my tracks. His work on the piece is imaginative and professional and a real treat. Coming at the end of the piece, as it does, it raises the song to a whole new level. That's how great it sounds. Working with him went quickly and there were absolutely no techno-issues, as often happens when trying to make one person's rig work with another's. I wish I could work with him more.”

Scott Brookman (singer-songwriter, solo recording artist)

Re.: audio mastering (and distribution) by Studio Brinker Media

“Eric at Brinker Media combines a deep interest in the entire musical spectre, from popular to classical music, with a deep sense of musicality. His state-of-the-art knowledge of current recording- and editing techniques are beneficial to every artist. Instinctively knowing what to do and when to do it, is the mark of a great engineer, that should never be underestimated. Eric works quickly, and remains constructively critical during the entire process, while making the artist feel completely at ease. I was greatly impressed when he remastered the audio of several selections of my cd's. Not only do they sound a lot better, but they’re also available in the iTunes Store now.”

Rogier Van Der Erve (musician, singer-songwriter, recording artist)

Re.: Studio Brinker Media recordings of audio tours and voice overs

“I have done quite some recordings at Studio Brinker Media. It is my favorite studio where all my projects came out perfectly. It always has been a great pleasure to feel at home there, because our creativity is really in harmony with each other. Thank you so much ...”

Willem De Ridder (Fluxus artist, storyteller, publicist, radio/tv talk show host)

Re.: Studio Brinker Media production of David Bullock's "Summers"

“Excellent job on "Summers", Eric, it is a production delight. You helped David capture some of his best moments. I shall be watching you closely to see what else you come up with. Always glad to hear the music when it's done right.”

Frank Gutch Jr. (veteran music critic and columnist, author, writer, ‘champion of independent music’)

Re.: Studio Brinker Media production featuring The Monkees

“Davy is very interested in “Mister Bob” as a club mix. He would very much like to be involved and help to shepherd the project and is very willing to lend his celebrity to this. He would like to release this single himself to the clubs in NYC and Miami and is eager to get this off the ground. He is very impressed with the sound.”

Deborah R., Personal Manager at  Davy Jones Productions

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