At first there were the bards, and much later on it was records, then came cassette tapes followed by CD’s and of course last but not least, the digital download. But no matter which carrier we use to listen to our favourite music, we always want them to look great. This is why we all need album covers!

In choosing a designer for your cover artwork, you need to make sure that it represents you and your music in the best possible, most interesting, most authentic and unique way. You’ve just put a lot of hard work into your music, and now it’s time to respect that and make sure the cover art is outstanding.

For the artist, the way you express yourself visual-ly is another way of bran-ding yourself. The artwork on the cover of your music carrier is a reflection of your style, of your background, and last but not least, of your music.

Please have a look at our gallery below for a selection of cover artwork Brinker Media has been delivering over the years.

Jessica Rhodes